“Lahing Maangas” pays tribute to rapper D-coy and his role in Rekognize

If there is one genre of music that has dramatically grown over the last decade in the Philippines, it is hip-hop. Thanks to video platforms like YouTube and social media in general, a strong community of DJs, rappers, and fans has emerged, demonstrating the strength and vitality of our hip-hop scene. On both sides of the Pacific, hip-hop is increasingly the weapon of choice for Filipino musicians to express and celebrate their identity and their wish for a better tomorrow.

This celebration of Filipino hip-hop is what lies behind the latest single from Def Jam Philippines, which drops on streaming platforms on November __, just in time for Bonifacio Day. “Lahing Maangas” brings together three hip-hop crews, namely MADD POETS, Chinese Mafia, and OWF—K, whose members take turns dropping bars in a boisterous celebration of the Filipino hip-hop spirit. The track was recorded at Blckmrkt Studios and produced by Lowkey.

The song features solos by rappers Astro, Jaime Labrador, J Flava, Lexus, Lowkey, D-coy, Chiniga, Paul Cassimir, Quaizy Illeon, and Banong Bagsek with DJs Trigga and Vance laying down the beats. Done in the style of gangsta rap, “Lahing Maangas” blends Filipino and English lyrics to proclaim that Filipino hip-hop is truly a force to reckon with.

“Lahing Maangas” also marks rapper D-coy’s final recording and music video. A member of the MADD POETS crew, he made a significant contribution to the growth and strength of the Philippine hip-hop community. The song is a celebration of the Rekognize initiative he helped create and the community he represented.

Listeners will enjoy bopping along to this lively celebration of the Filipino hip-hop scene. There is no better time than now to be proud of how far the community has grown and how it has made a difference to our musical landscape. This song is an expression of this powerful sense of pride.

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