On an unbelievably consistent and amazing trajectory to the top of the charts and to the hearts of music aficionados everywhere, the Philippines’ premiere P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play (PHP for short, to their ever-growing number of local and international supporters) seem to just keep unleashing hit-after-hit, and definitely have musical domination within their sights as they are set to officially release yet another bull’s eye of a single called “Adlaw,” which is currently available online through all leading streaming platforms and digital stores.

The track – which comes-in hot from previously upbeat and catchy singles from the group (comprised of de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS) – has an arguably smoother, more pensive and emotive “slow jams” vibe, and it’s CHRLS who takes the spotlight and shines on this particular single, which – without a doubt – is one of the group’s most relatable tracks by far.

“My strengths lie strongly in creating ballads, and I think Filipinos are – by nature – drawn to love songs,” CHRLS shares when asked about the genesis of the said single, and adds: “but I didn’t want to just create a straight-up ballad – I decided to spice things up and add a livelier vibe and elements that are actually very much in the spirit of traditional OPM (Original Pilipino Music)” Not just longtime, loyal fans but also casual listeners will definitely notice that there is a myriad of influences and ideas behind the seemingly simple tune.

“’Adlaw’ went through many phases and it didn’t come as easy – I really had to lock myself in a room, and I really figured-out the melodies first and then I wrote the lyrics, which also went through quite a process of changing and editing,” says the singer/songwriter when asked about the overall creative process behind the track. “But after those first few humps on the road, I was able to really put-it all together in less than a week – everything sort of fell into place after I took time laying-down the foundation of the track. But I do have to say that I was really inspired by this track.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the song’s lyricism, CHRLS is quick to explain, “Lyrically, it all stems from personal experience; I have to admit, that as a songwriter, I find it easier to write about things that actually happened to me, but I do know that part of the growth as a songwriter comes from being able to write about stuff that I didn’t necessarily experience;” and adds: “right now that’s the next step for me as both a lyricist and songwriter: to be able to step out of the comfort zone and write about anything and everything my imagination can conjure-up; but at the moment, I’m just really proud of what I came up with – and I hope audiences will see AND feel the work we all put into ‘Adlaw.’”

Both longtime and new fans will surely be delighted with Press Hit Play’s latest offering, made available by international music label evosound, which has signed the group to a worldwide music deal.

For more information on Press Hit Play, follow them via Facebook: https://facebook.com/PressHitPlay

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