Salubong, Reuniting Filipinos everyone this Christmas

There is a spark of hope once again in our hearts. Everyone is looking forward to a glorious Christmas like only us Filipinos know how.

While distance remains the culprit behind many absences during Christmas gatherings, today, we live in a digital world that makes distance less remote. Wired and online, togetherness is just a click away.

On December 10 and 11, Praxis, the experiential marketing arm of media agency Intersections, will connect all Filipinos in a one of a kind Christmas get-together. Knowing exactly how the pulse of the Pinoy beats, Intersection’s top brass is set to deliver the magic that makes us beam with happiness.

“We thought about all our kababayan who won’t be able to come home in these times and figured – let’s bring the Filipino Christmas to them! Kantahan, tawanan, sayawan, lahat!” shared Intersections Managing Director April Yap.

Designed as the music event of the season, Salubong is a spectacle, a must-watch for every Filipino at home and all of the world. This virtual concert hosted by partner promises to overwhelm the senses in the most wondrous way. Salubong brings together popular musical artists Aegis and Sponge Cola, and breakthrough rapper CLR spanning musical genres guaranteed to have everyone on their feet and moving to the beat.

Co-producer iWant TFC will stage the event with state-of-the-art technology at ASAP Studio 10. Salubong is a concept brought to life by the best Filipino music event minds led by director Paul Alexei Basinillo.

Salubong is much more than an immersive high energy virtual concert. At the core of such electricity in the music is the heart-warming force that unites all Filipinos anywhere in spirit.

The happenings don’t stop when the music fades, and the lights go off. Expect behind-the-scenes exchanges with the musical artists, a sing-along to everyone’s favorite tunes. Attendees can send shoutouts to friends and family anywhere in the world, especially to all our beloved OFW Heroes!

“We’re so humbled by the support of our partners who readily jumped in and helped lift this event off the ground. The Salubong activations are so Filipino! Like, we’re not the friendliest, and social media savvy people in the whole world for nothing!,” shares Gladys Basinillo, Intersections CEO.

“Is there any other word that holds as much anticipation than a promise of pasalubong? Be good, and you get a treat. It’s been a tough 18 months, and yes, everyone needs a treat. And with Salubong, it’s a treat we wanted to share with Filipino families at home, or wherever they are,” adds Basinillo.

Only love, fun and happiness for everyone in Salubong. Expect bright eyes, warm hugs, huge smiles, hands clasped tightly with another’s. In fact, #ExpectExtraordinary on December 10 and 11, over at And we each shall have a Christmas music festival like no other. #SalubongSaPasko

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Mark Oblea Shares His Sweetly Sung Rendition Of Sugarfree Hit “Tulog Na”

Mark Oblea has shared a charming rendition of Sugarfree hit “Tulog Na” released under Universal Records.

This version of “Tulog Na” wears its heart on its sleeve, something you’d expect from the Pinoy Boyband Superstar alumnus’ soulful vocals.

In a statement, Mark Oblea said that he’s grateful because he’s given a chance to record a cover of this song released by Sugarfree back in 2004.

“Salamat at nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon na kantahin ang napakagandang awitin na ito,” he shares.

“Tulog Na” is such an emotional song that deals with holding on to hope, believing that if we just sleep and let go of our worries for now, we’ll see a better tomorrow. “Tulog Na” is also about taking good care of someone you love while he/she is finding his/her own peace. The talented soloist succeeded in making it unapologetically sweet and moving – from definitive pop-rock classic to a standout ballad.

Not just that, Mark paid homage to Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel’s original song “Hanggang Wala Nang Bukas” and made the lines mamahalin kita / hanggang wala nang bukas as the outro of his version of “Tulog Na”. The song is featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist this week.

Sing your heart out this Christmas with TM’s Kantahang FunPasko

Whether it’s Yuletide carols playing on loop, a live band playing the year’s chart-toppers, or everyone’s favorite uncle singing the night away on the karaoke mic he’s been hogging for the past five songs, there’s nothing like having music at a Pinoy Christmas get together to double everyone’s good vibes or GV. And while pandemic restrictions may have dampened our musical merry-making during the holidays, there are new ways to keep old traditions alive—one of which is through TM’s Kantahang FunPasko.

“Because we are now in our second year in a pandemic, we at TM wanted to give Filipinos the doble-dobleng GV that they deserve,” says Darius Delgado, TM Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business.

TM’s Kantahang FunPasko started off with a musical bonanza with the recent release of TM’s Playlist on Spotify with songs that ka-TMs love.

Playlist tracks include the TM FunPasko song “Dobleng GV sa FunPasko (Noon, Ngayon, Palagi),” an anthem about raising Filipinos’ Christmas spirit amid the pandemic; “Push ang Pusuan”; “Fun Pasko 2020”; and “TM Doble Dekada,” a song that celebrates 20 years of TM and all of its subscribers, who are carrying on with the Samahang Pina-Easy spirit.

Last November 26, TM launches the official music video of “Dobleng GV sa FunPasko (Noon, Ngayon, Palagi)”. It features ka-TMs The Juans, SB19, Matthaios, Silent Sanctuary, Donnalyn Bartolome, Seth Fedelin, Andrea Brillantes, Alden Richards and our stans from TM Mad Rush To Your Crush—showing us that everyone is welcome sa TM samahan.

“With TM, there’s no stopping the doble-dobleng GV that Kantahang FunPasko will bring to this year’s Christmas celebrations,” says Delgado. “This musical experience allows our customers to find solace in these special songs and become part of something bigger than themselves.”

“TARA NA!” Last Song Bea surges on with 2nd single

Hot on the heels of its debut single, “Nakakotse,” Last Song Bea is on a roll as the band continues to make more noise with the bigger success of its second single, “Tara!”

Compared to the chill, laid-back groove of “Nakakotse,” “Tara!” beckons with its more festive feel. With its upbeat tempo and catchy call-to-action refrain, it’s the perfect barkada anthem, or even quite possibly—with election season just around the corner—the perfect template for a political jingle.

But wait. Underneath its cheery, melodic hook, a closer listen to its lyrics unravels yet another story of unrequited love.

“The foundation of the song came from a tune composed by our keyboardist, Nimrod Lacquian, for one of his subjects in music school. It’s about one of his former crushes, the girl he fell in love with and the proverbial one that got away. Cliche but true,” narrates Last Song Bea’s lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Richard Parcia.

Since the single’s release mid-October, “Tara!” had chalked up 60k++ views on YouTube so far, surpassing “Nakakotse’s” modest success by several notches.

For an indie band that relies solely on social media for its marketing push, Last Song Bea has been gaining impressive traction. “The response to ‘Tara!’ in Spotify was four times higher than ‘Nakakotse.’ In fact, ‘Tara!’ was in the editorial playlist of Spotify (Friday Fresh Picks) for two weeks, which is a rarity,” Richard discloses.

In hindsight, how does the band feel about the unexpected success of “Nakakotse?”

“Blessed, really. For an unsigned band to get noticed is such a privilege. We knew what we were up against. We know it’s tough even for artists who have the backing of corporate money.”

The priceless pats on the back and other forms of validation continue to trickle in, keeping the band charting themselves steadily on course towards bigger challenges.

Richard exclaims, “For myself, the reception from family and close friends are primary. Secondary are the writers and bloggers who got curious about us. It’s not every day that one gets noticed.”

Has the songwriting process been easier for “Tara!,” after hurdling all the birth pains of “Nakakotse?”

“In terms of the overall process, it was practically the same, as we previously agreed to follow the template of the previous song. The difference though is in the overall experience. This was a lot of fun to do. In fact, we sort of threw in almost all of the ideas that made sense to the song,” Richard cheerfully recounts.

Case in point is “Tara’s” beckoning “fiesta” feel, which turned out to be an afterthought.

Richard explains, “It was a guitar-driven song, at first. The idea of crafting it like some summer fiesta song just came up while we were in the studio already. Even the horn parts were like that.”

A classic case of the band’s penchant for spontaneity is their reworked “Christmas” version of “Tara!,” aptly titled, “Pasko.”

While wrapping up their recording for “Tara!,” Richard and the boys, in their creative (or drunken?) stupor gamely changed some of the refrain’s lyrics to capture the spirit of the season. After listening to the playback, they realized that the tune had the makings of a potential holiday anthem, hence, the follow-up release soon after.

In an industry where the band spirit is constantly ruffled by egos or personal conflicts, Richard may have found his perfect songwriting cohorts. Despite being accomplished session musicians in their own right, Last Song Bea’s roster, which includes Xyrus Judan (bass), Donie Dico (lead guitar), Mark Bambico (drums), Nimrod Lacquian (keyboards/guitar), and Erwin Dimaculangan (guitar/vocals), clearly epitomizes musical synergy at its finest.

Taking advantage of the momentum gained over recent months, the band is currently working on rough sketches for future releases.

“In the pipeline are two English songs. One is a love song entitled ‘Inside,’ and a jazz/blues track called, ‘Baby It’s Nice Today, which features a legendary local guitar hero,” Richard discloses.

In hindsight, Richard believes that the band still continues to defy convention, and prefers to wrestle out of musical labels or stereotypes—perhaps an offshoot of his own personal experience finding the right balance juggling his professional career and his first love: music.

With the road to stardom well within their grasp, Richard remains humbled by the group’s exploits so far. “There’s nothing mystical about it. If any, it’s probably the thought that hard work gets things done, and doing it together makes it magical. Nothing profound or surprising.”

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Ben&Ben push the mental health discussion forward with “Lunod” music video

It doesn’t always have to be sink or swim when it comes to mental health.

Ben&Ben chronicle the experience of drowning in torrential distress and anxiety on the music video of their new single “Lunod.” Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jerrold Tarog (Heneral Luna, Sana Dati), the visual narrative pushes the discussion forward with its metaphorical depiction of individuals trying to keep their head above water and find their way out of a dark, harrowing tunnel.

“The music video is a deeply introspective and symbolic interpretation of the song, which is all tied in together from the concept and writing, down to the location,” lead vocalist, guitarist and Lunod chief songwriter Paolo Benjamin explains. “In the video, the song is narrated as the band, with Zild and juan karlos, move deeper and deeper into the tunnel slowly—losing breath, then in the latter half taking powerful strides to move out of it. This signals a ‘rebirth’ into a new, more mature version of the self.”

The cinematic visuals were shot at the El Deposito water reservoir, an underground location known for its historical significance to the events that lead to the Philippine Revolution, Philippine-American War, and World War II.

“Lunod” serves as the band’s reunion project with Jerrold Tarog, who helmed the music video for their 2018 track “Susi,” off the historical epic drama, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. “We love collaborating with visionaries in their fields, and so it was a dream working with him,” the acclaimed folk-pop group reveals.

Ahead of the music video release, the nine-piece collective dropped a live acoustic performance of “Lunod” last month. The version, which features collaborators Zild and juan karlos, strips down the bluesy, classic rock arrangements of the original for a more subdued take. The intimate interpretation of the song is part of an exclusive EP release featuring multiple iterations of “Lunod” in various formats, including an extended version of the track.

“The multiple versions for ‘Lunod’ were intended to bring a full listening experience to our listeners; for them to hear what more could be brought out of the song,” Ben&Ben shares in a statement. “We decided to release for streaming the acoustic jam of ‘Lunod,’ the extended version in the music video.”

Aside from the EP, ‘Lunod’ received a remix treatment from hip-hop artist Zelijah, who channeled his struggles with mental health on the production level, and even added a rap verse to convey the mental strains that he went through during the pandemic, and after being diagnosed as bipolar. The “Bipolar remix” of the track gives Zelijah the opportunity to put his own character into the song, and reinterpret it with ethereal sonic elements that blend trap, hip-hop, modern electronica, and rock music genres.

Apart from the ‘Lunod’ EP, Ben&Ben and its label, Sony Music Philippines, recently opened a Lunod-themed café at Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate, Manila as part of Ben&Ben’s Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café activities, which will run from November 25-27. The pop-up café includes a Lunod art installation inspired by Zelijah’s Bipolar Remix, as well as other art activities related to mental health.

The Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café features several exclusive activities for Liwanag and ordinary folks to immerse themselves into Ben&Ben’s critically acclaimed album and upcoming digital concert. The two other exclusive pop-ups are located at Jess + Pat’s in Maginhawa, QC, and Kale Café in Fairview, QC.

Music fans can also purchase tickets to Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert directly at the three pop-up locations in Metro Manila. Set to redefine the concert-going experience with the biggest headline concert of their career, Ben&Ben’s upcoming digital concert will be integrating live music performance with multiple creative disciplines such as theatre, dance, orchestra, and technology to create an audio-visual spectacle like no other.

Ben&Ben’s “Lunod,” featuring Zild and juan karlos, is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines. Watch the music video here.

“Lunod” collaborators Zild and juan karlos are also set to join Ben&Ben on Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert, happening on December 05, 2021 (Sun) from 8pm to 11pm. Get your tickets here.

R Rules delivers a rousing message of empowerment on debut single “DNY”

With its propulsive beats and hip-hop swagger, the Pinay quartet shows unwavering commitment to inspire young music listeners to stand up for what they believe in and encourage them to find their inner strength to go after what they want.

The song, which literally means “Don’t Need Ya,” puts a refreshing spin on empowerment anthems while taking into consideration the values, perspectives, and views of R Rules as individuals and as a collective. Aside from using their platform to inspire change and lift each other up, the Filipino girl group also shares that their latest track promotes love and kindness in any way or form, be it for your own self and for others who need it.

“DNY” is co-written by Kevin Yadao and Tiny Corpuz, and co-produced by Cursebox and Corpuz, with the goal to speak out against the impossible standards imposed to women and articulate the challenges that they go through towards claiming their space and earning respect.

With its masterful blend of music influences that range from hip-hop/R&B to K-Pop, EDM to top 40 music, “Don’t Need Ya” signals R Rules’ impressive pivot to diverse and eclectic modern sounds.

As R Rules’ maiden offering, it succeeds in translating their magnetic confidence into an astounding piece of work that sounds at par with contemporary global music trends but remains representative of their unique vision as artists. “Our plan right now, is just to get our music out there,” says the hound of alpha female swag. “We’re not here to compete. We just want to carve out a space for our empowering brand of pop music, and hopefully be taken seriously for who we are as a group.”


The story of R Rules is a story of how four women from two cultural backgrounds came together to become pop performers, working hard on their craft and finding ways to delight their audience. R Rules (formerly known as Japh Dolls) are composed of RIYO, RURI, REINA, RISA—all four of them, fluent in Filipino, English, and Japanese and are currently undergoing de rigeur trainee development program to hone their skills. The girls are now set to make an impact on the Philippine pop scene and, hopefully, the global music market.

Learning to sing like the musical pros

Reina grew up in Japan but is now based in Manila City. She hails from Tokyo and moved to the Philippines when she turned 19. Her mother is Filipina, and Reina recalls her mother’s musical tastes as being an inspiration. She wanted to sing like her mother’s favorite singers, who always hit the high notes and had powerful voices. When she had the chance, she moved to her mother’s homeland to pursue musical training.

Reina hopes that people will appreciate her story of how she moved to a place that was unfamiliar to her and had memorable experiences because of it. When we asked about her favorite singers, one of them, Ariana Grande, stood out. Reina says that Grande’s distinctive voice inspired her to aim for the same goal. She wants to collaborate with the YG Entertainment Group in South Korea, the people who are behind another group of artists she admires, Blackpink.

Trying it out and eventually enjoying the ride

Risa grew up in the Philippines as a person with two cultures. When she was finishing high school, she wanted to move to Japan for college because of a desire to explore her Japanese culture.

Risa’s musical tastes lean toward pop. What stood out for us, though, was her fondness for Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox project, where Bradlee and his bandmates reimagine contemporary pop music through different and older genres. She says that she can still reminisce about pop songs she likes but appreciate how they put a twist on it.

What Risa wants people to get from her story is how she wants us to value the people we love. Her story of loss and finding comfort and care in others is something that people can connect with.

Wanting to sing about what dreams are made of

Riyo grew up in Japan, where she finished high school. When she was six years old, she recalls that she wanted to be the pop singer Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus’s lead character from the Disney Channel show of the same name. She was often bullied at school, she also recalls. She had family problems since she was young when her parents divorced. Even if she sometimes wanted to give up, she kept on going. Her journey led her to Manila, where she also ended up being in a group.

Riyo was a tuba player in her junior high school band. She says that it was easy to master the tuba because it didn’t require reading chords, which was complicated for her. If it weren’t for her being signed to an acting agency, she would have continued being in her school’s music club. Her dream is to perform at the Met Gala someday. The annual event at the Metropolitan Museum of New York brings together fashion, music, and visual arts, and has become known for attendees in often flamboyant costumes. She wants her group to be there in outlandish costumes and prove to be the best!

Being part of a new musical family

Ruri, who also calls herself ARU or R. Performing was part of her life ever since she was young, and she joined singing contests of all sorts. She wants to grow as a performer, learning instruments like the guitar and the drums.

Ruri wants people to appreciate her story of being an independent woman who uses her talent to achieve her dreams. She connected with her Japanese girl group quickly because they share the same sense of humor and a deep understanding of each other. She says of her and her fellow R Rules members, “We are not just a girl group, we are sisters.”

Coming together to make music

R Rules marks the second time that our four singers have gotten together to make music. They were about to give up until they were given a bigger opportunity to work together. The group says that they have been giving 100% of their effort to working together, so they decided to give music one last shot. They don’t want to have any regrets later by doing this.

The women of R Rules hope to show that people from two different cultures can perform together in perfect harmony, not just musical. One group they all admire in common is the K-pop act Blackpink. The Korean girl group, they say, has a distinct aura and confidence they bring to performing. The group also appreciates how Blackpink’s members work hard and dedicate themselves to their craft.

R Rules’s short-term goals are to improve their singing and dancing. They also want to showcase their own material in the process of that musical growth. As for their long-term goals, they hope to become well-known internationally and perform in big festivals like Coachella, where people like Beyoncé have given very memorable sets.

R Rules wants people to be inspired and energized by their music. Most of all, they want us to believe in ourselves, and be strong enough to achieve whatever we want. This group of young performers is truly one to watch out for, not just for their talent, but for the stories they want to tell. We look forward to finding out what they have to offer.

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Emerging Artist Mizael Sings About Sorrow And Letting Go In Debut Single “Wag Naman”

Just like any other aspiring musicians out there who dare to dream of becoming a star of their own someday, Mizael Tilos made sure that he’ll find ways to cut beyond the surface. And of course, passion will always open the doors. Eventually this Journalism major with a knack for singing lovely tunes got discovered by Soupstar Entertainment, the management known for handling popular local bands like Gracenote, Moonstar88, 6cyclemind, Imago, Sandwich and more. And viola, he quickly became part of the talented Universal Philippines artist roster as Mizael.

As a fresh face in the industry, he strives to be someone worth discovering by OPM lovers out there. His debut single “Wag Naman” is a sentimental track that’s not hard to fall in love with. (WATCH LYRIC VIDEO HERE)

Lyrically, the acoustic-driven single explores the feeling of getting fed up with loving someone who’s not really ready to reciprocate the love that you’re giving. Sometimes it’s all about accepting the poignant reality that his/her heart is not really into your relationship, and with that, you have to finally set him/her free. The song has a miserably honest message with lines “Kahit na mahal kita / Kailangan ko ring mag tira / ‘Di masamang palayain ka / Kung may mahal ka na ring iba,” wrapped in his melancholic guitar chords.

He just broke into the music scene this 2021, but Mizael believes that he’s destined for bigger things. And with “Wag Naman”, the future is indeed bright and promising for this emerging artist. So, sit back, relax and drift away with Mizael’s warm strings.

“Wag Naman” is now out on digital music platforms and major streaming sites under Universal Records.

SB19 takes over the Big Dome with a massive anniversary special this weekend

After the highly successful “Back in the Zone” Concert last August, SB19 will grace the stage once again with “SB19 2021: Our Third Anniversary Concert”. This special concert will be a 2-day celebration, on November 27 and 28, and will be streamed live from The Big Dome.

November 2021 marks SB19’s third-year anniversary and the group made sure to surprise fans with lots of contents and activities for their month-long celebration. The “Our Zone” Concert serves as the culmination of the celebration and prior to this, SB19 has released a “Bazinga” music video that topped Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs worldwide and gained 500K views on the day of its release, a special “Our Zone Anniversary Series”, ticket giveaways, and more contents.

SB19 is set to perform 3 new unreleased tracks at the concert through a special “Live Comeback”. Last November 17, the title of the first track was officially released and is called “Nyebe”. A new teaser was also released this November 20, connoting a disco theme and genre. More teasers for their upcoming songs will be released soon. Fans will get to see live performances of the group’s hit tracks and will also see collaboration with special guests.

The group will be performing with AC Bonifacio, The Juans, and SB19 Pablo’s brother and the co-winner of Djooky Awards – Josue. The first and second show have 2 different programs, setlist and activities. The event will feature live performances with a band, games, special guests, and lots of other surprises.

The concert offers 5 “Zones” or ticket tiers to choose from – Zone D-1, Zone D-2, Zone S, Zone B, and Zone 19. First is the general access to shows: “Zone D-1” priced at P 1,000 for the first concert day and “Zone D-2” worth P1,800 which is access to the 2-day concert. Then for the premium packages with concert access, there’s “Zone S” worth P 3,000 that includes a P1,000 worth of SB19 gift card and 1 raffle ticket, then “Zone B” with “Zone S” inclusions plus a 1-day Live Soundcheck Viewing at P 4,000, lastly, there’s “Zone 19” which is complete access to all zones plus a 1-day Virtual Audience Access priced at P5,500. Tickets are available via KTX.PH and

The group recently had their hit “Back in the Zone” Concert which sets the record as the highest-grossing concert on KTX with more than 14,000 unique viewers. They performed their hit tracks from the “Get in the Zone” album and performed for the first time songs from their newest EP, “Pagsibol”. There were also solo performances featuring covers and unreleased original compositions. Due to popular demand, the “Back in the Zone” concert had a rebroadcast the same month, August 22.

Join SB19’s anniversary and get in their zone this November 27 and 28, 17:00 PM PHT. Get your tickets at KTX.PH and


Catch SB19’s Pop-Up Store where you can buy official SB19 merchandise and tickets to the online concert. Located at Ticketnet Box Office, Yellow Gate of Araneta Coliseum from November 22 to November 28, 2021.


See our special SB19 playlist on Spotify, visit the link here:

“Lahing Maangas” pays tribute to rapper D-coy and his role in Rekognize

If there is one genre of music that has dramatically grown over the last decade in the Philippines, it is hip-hop. Thanks to video platforms like YouTube and social media in general, a strong community of DJs, rappers, and fans has emerged, demonstrating the strength and vitality of our hip-hop scene. On both sides of the Pacific, hip-hop is increasingly the weapon of choice for Filipino musicians to express and celebrate their identity and their wish for a better tomorrow.

This celebration of Filipino hip-hop is what lies behind the latest single from Def Jam Philippines, which drops on streaming platforms on November __, just in time for Bonifacio Day. “Lahing Maangas” brings together three hip-hop crews, namely MADD POETS, Chinese Mafia, and OWF—K, whose members take turns dropping bars in a boisterous celebration of the Filipino hip-hop spirit. The track was recorded at Blckmrkt Studios and produced by Lowkey.

The song features solos by rappers Astro, Jaime Labrador, J Flava, Lexus, Lowkey, D-coy, Chiniga, Paul Cassimir, Quaizy Illeon, and Banong Bagsek with DJs Trigga and Vance laying down the beats. Done in the style of gangsta rap, “Lahing Maangas” blends Filipino and English lyrics to proclaim that Filipino hip-hop is truly a force to reckon with.

“Lahing Maangas” also marks rapper D-coy’s final recording and music video. A member of the MADD POETS crew, he made a significant contribution to the growth and strength of the Philippine hip-hop community. The song is a celebration of the Rekognize initiative he helped create and the community he represented.

Listeners will enjoy bopping along to this lively celebration of the Filipino hip-hop scene. There is no better time than now to be proud of how far the community has grown and how it has made a difference to our musical landscape. This song is an expression of this powerful sense of pride.


On an unbelievably consistent and amazing trajectory to the top of the charts and to the hearts of music aficionados everywhere, the Philippines’ premiere P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play (PHP for short, to their ever-growing number of local and international supporters) seem to just keep unleashing hit-after-hit, and definitely have musical domination within their sights as they are set to officially release yet another bull’s eye of a single called “Adlaw,” which is currently available online through all leading streaming platforms and digital stores.

The track – which comes-in hot from previously upbeat and catchy singles from the group (comprised of de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS) – has an arguably smoother, more pensive and emotive “slow jams” vibe, and it’s CHRLS who takes the spotlight and shines on this particular single, which – without a doubt – is one of the group’s most relatable tracks by far.

“My strengths lie strongly in creating ballads, and I think Filipinos are – by nature – drawn to love songs,” CHRLS shares when asked about the genesis of the said single, and adds: “but I didn’t want to just create a straight-up ballad – I decided to spice things up and add a livelier vibe and elements that are actually very much in the spirit of traditional OPM (Original Pilipino Music)” Not just longtime, loyal fans but also casual listeners will definitely notice that there is a myriad of influences and ideas behind the seemingly simple tune.

“’Adlaw’ went through many phases and it didn’t come as easy – I really had to lock myself in a room, and I really figured-out the melodies first and then I wrote the lyrics, which also went through quite a process of changing and editing,” says the singer/songwriter when asked about the overall creative process behind the track. “But after those first few humps on the road, I was able to really put-it all together in less than a week – everything sort of fell into place after I took time laying-down the foundation of the track. But I do have to say that I was really inspired by this track.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the song’s lyricism, CHRLS is quick to explain, “Lyrically, it all stems from personal experience; I have to admit, that as a songwriter, I find it easier to write about things that actually happened to me, but I do know that part of the growth as a songwriter comes from being able to write about stuff that I didn’t necessarily experience;” and adds: “right now that’s the next step for me as both a lyricist and songwriter: to be able to step out of the comfort zone and write about anything and everything my imagination can conjure-up; but at the moment, I’m just really proud of what I came up with – and I hope audiences will see AND feel the work we all put into ‘Adlaw.’”

Both longtime and new fans will surely be delighted with Press Hit Play’s latest offering, made available by international music label evosound, which has signed the group to a worldwide music deal.

For more information on Press Hit Play, follow them via Facebook: