Careless Music collaborated with 1z Collective for Wildest Dreams EP remix

Careless Music, in collaboration with 1z Collective, drops a remix EP entitled Wildest Dreams (1z Co. Remixes). Producer azel north of Canada-based music collective 1z Co. puts his spin into two tracks off of Nadine Lustre’s debut album Wildest Dreams.

The remix EP starts off with Ivory (azel north Remix), an up-tempo adaptation of the original track that features MANILA GREY opening with their hard-hitting verse. The song blends Nadine’s sultry electro-pop vocals and the duo’s energetic tempo, creating a track that is catchy yet true to the fragmented, haze-like melody of the original.

The second track, Complicated Love (azel north Remix), is a duet by Nadine and James Reid and leans more towards a narration that discusses the darker side of a complicated relationship. azel north puts his spin into this track, resulting in a livelier version of the earlier melancholic number.

Nadine Lustre rose to fame as an actress, but more recently turned her focus on music after joining the Careless Music roster in 2019. She eventually broke ground with the release of her studio debut last year, which came with a visual album that was touted as the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Musical duo Soliven and Neeko, more commonly known as MANILA GREY, are Filipino-Canadian artists who immigrated to British Columbia from Manila. Soliven says about the group’s inception that, “We’re both originally from Manila. The ‘grey’ is Vancouver; it’s always rainy out here, but that’s where we create our music. Our name represents the duality of this past life versus our current life.” That isn’t the only thing about the group that has an element of duality, their yin and yang dynamic extends to music as well. Constantly on the lookout to fuse disparate musical elements together, the duo are members of an art collective called 1z Co. where azel north, the EP’s producer, is also a member.

Nadine and 1z Co.’s remix tracks each come with a lyric visualizer, completing the Careless–1z Collective experience.

Listen to “Wildest Dreams” (1z Co. Remixes) here and head over to the Careless Music Youtube channel for the lyric visualizers

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