Nadine Lustre teamed up with Arthur Tan for Intoxicated remix

Two groundbreaking music labels, After The Noon Records and Careless Music, are set to break new ground together as they formalize their partnership with a new release: a remix of Nadine Lustre’s single INTOXICATED.

INTOXICATED (ARTHUR TAN REMIX) is an up-tempo adaptation of Nadine’s song from her album Wildest Dreams.

Created by After The Noon CEO and artist Arthur Tan, the remix takes Nadine’s smooth and soulful original, and turns it into a deep house track that invites people everywhere to dance. Layering vibrant percussions and playful keys over Nadine’s sultry vocals, and tying it together with a catchy bass progression, the remix stays true to the original song’s dreamy, thrill-seeking spirit, while giving it a fresh feel.

INTOXICATED is the fourth track off Wildest Dreams, Nadine’s successful solo debut album released in October 2020.
Rising to fame as an actress and winning awards for her film work, Nadine turned her focus on music in recent years, signing as a Careless Music artist in December 2019, and releasing an album that is an ode to her love for EDM, pop, and early 2000s R&B.

Raised in Manila with experience in New York City, Arthur is a producer and DJ who has performed all over the Philippines, making crowds dance whether in hidden pubs, go-to venues like Black Market and The Palace, or even Bacolod’s Masskara Festival.

In NYC, he has brought his music to Manhattan and Brooklyn, performing in venues including Kinfolk 90, Kinfolk 94, The Vinyl, and Smithfield Hall. Even in a pandemic, he has managed to release new music – including his debut single “Peace of Mind (ft. vydd)” and his debut EP After the Party in May 2021. His latest single “I Need U,” a collaboration with Manila-based singer-songwriter Lesha, was released in July 2021.

In March 2021, Arthur launched After The Noon Records, a label that showcases the artistry and craft of DJs and producers. With the release of INTOXICATED (ARTHUR TAN REMIX), and the collaboration with Careless Music, listeners can only expect more exciting drops from this gamechanger.

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