It’s 10pm in LA and fresh talent, Bey, is looking as radiant as the California weather. Coupled with warmth you can feel off our computer screens , the up and comer is exuding a wonderful mix of youthful excitement and giddiness. Why shouldn’t she? Her debut single – “Crash Landing” is attracting attention on YouTube with its infectious mix of pop and dreamy electronic influences. Ear candy poised for your summer LSS. A multi-lingual track birthed through the new normal, and this new artist is ready to make more.

Through the magic of technology and the folks from Universal Records Philippines and management team, Soupstar, we had a quick chat with Bey to know more about “Crash Landing” and a peek into her artistry.

MCS: Good Afternoon from Manila! Are you in Manila?

Bey: No, I’m currently in LA.

MCS: Oh wow. So Bey, as a teenager, what keeps you motivated in creating despite this lockdown that’s been going on around the world?

Bey: I mean, I feel like, because of a lockdown all of us have kind of been… well kind of in the beginning it was more of a panic, like nobody really knew what to do, how to adapt that into our current lifestyle. And then it just kind of became like, oh everybody’s just on like this vacation mindset, so it’s very hard to find that kind of like, work and personal life balance especially when everybody has to stay at home. But since I took this as an opportunity to kind of make my hobby my occupation now which is such a great opportunity and a blessing, that’s kind of what motivates me to keep going. I know that I’m still very young and I know that there’s so much things that I can do with my life. And I know that it’s the same for everybody else. I mean everybody else can say that so that’s definitely something that keeps me going.

MCS: Aside from the pandemic, where does this creativity for music come from?

Bey: So my passion for music has been around for a while not just because my family has always been musically involved in some kind of way. Growing up, I would sing karaoke with my mom – so it would be like Dancing Queen or Gwen Stefani. And my brothers also are musically inclined as well. I would jam out with them because one brother knows how to play guitar and the other knows how to play the drums – and it would just kind of how we would bond as a family – we would like listen to music in the car, at home, our while cooking, so..

MCS: Really, good luck! Would love to see more stuff after Crash Landing. So, aside from becoming a UR artist, which musician from the UR roster would you be most excited to work with?

Bey: I would love to have a song with Gracenote! Just because I’ve seen how ate Eunice worked – just her creative process behind producing and songwriting in general. I’ve learned so much from her and she’s been such a huge help and just a mentor for me. So to be able to make a song with her in the future, that would be a dream come true actually.

MCS: So that will be your 2nd song with Eunice.

Bey: Yeah, but we would both be singing on it so that would be really cool to see how everything would blend together.

MCS: Would you be open to singing Filipino songs with Gracenote? Cause they’re kinda known for that.

Bey: Yeah, I definitely would! I’m definitely open-minded to that. In fact, I think we’re even planning on releasing a song in Tagalog soon, or in the future.

MCS: Looking forward to that. Lastly, any songwriters you look up to? Which you apply to your songwriting as well.

Bey: Hmm songwriting – so I actually can’t say that I have someone who I look up to for songwriting other than ate Eunice cause she’s really taught me the process behind it. Cause what I know is getting my notes out whenever I think of something in my head whether it be lyrics, or words that come out from my head just from how I’m feeling. I have a compilation of notes just from years of built-up emotion and whatever things come up and I just have that, so I can’t really say I have someone I look up to, it’s kind of just a natural process for me to express myself by writing it down.

MCS: Bey, being a “New Normal” new artist is a very learning process inspired kind of situation. Can you elaborate more on how being a “New Normal” new artist is?

Bey: Oh, it’s definitely a mixture of excitement but also, I guess anxiety or nervousness? Just because it’s not the same step-by-step process that other artists go through. So I have mentioned before, I have a make-shift studio in the office and it’s pretty hard cause I’m the one who’s like producing my own vocals there and I just have ate Eunice there on Zoom with me, who’s checking up on me. So it’s definitely been something that we’ve all kind of worked through and figure things out but it’s been fun. It’s been a fun, creative journey.

MCS: Hopefully the next set of songs will be in a studio, and the UR and the Soupstar folks will be there with you. I’m excited for you to experience a whole traditional way of recording. So Bey, good luck! Looking forward to new stuff soon, and again congratulations on the new single and the lyric video!

Bey: Thank you so much!

Listen to Bey’s catchy track – “Crash Landing” on YouTube on Stream “Crash Landing” now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all digital stores worldwide under Universal Records.

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