Mayonnaise Releases 8th Studio Album: Friends & Family

Fresh from their 18th Anniversary show dubbed Mayonna18e – attended by a limited number of fans due to restrictions, but watched by thousands of people when it was aired online; OPM alt-rock band Mayonnaise has finally unveiled their 8th studio album: Friends & Family.

In the world of sneakers, “Friends & Family” is an extremely exclusive collection that one can only cop if they are connected to the designer or manufacturer. They are not made for the public and while they do become available in time, they’re likely very expensive.

To Mayonnaise, 18 years in the business and an 8th studio album are things they take seriously, and would not have gotten without the support of the people they worked with in the industry, and of course their fans (Mayonation).

The tracks from this album are Mayonnaise’s best music yet, including collaborations with the biggest names in the OPM industry. Mostly produced during quarantine, the unexpected free time gave the band members an opportunity to truly reflect on their message and artistry, working their creative juices and carefully crafting every aspect of the album.

Released under Yellow Room Music Philippines, the album contains remastered versions of four previously released collaborations with Manila String Machine, I Belong to the Zoo, Raymund Marasigan, and Barbie Almalbis. Fans are also in for a treat with the five new songs unveiled in this album. Must-listens include “Gen-Y” with Gloc-9, “Sniper Training” with Josh Villena of Autotelic, and “Butanding” with Steve Bandiola of Typecast.

Looking to end this very long year with a bang with their album release, there’s definitely more to watch out for from Mayonnaise and Yellow Room Music Philippines in 2021.

Friends & Family is now out on all digital music platforms.
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